Tempo Thesis Short Film(Sept. 2017-March 2018): An aspiring jazz drummer works in the kitchen of a jazz club, urning to be out on stage. On this project I was the director as well as responsible for all layout, modeling, set dressing, texturing, shading, lighting, and comping. I had an amazing team of fellow peers and artists helping out on the short as well, from animation, rigging, and concept art. 

The music in this film is by the very talented Mark Guiliana Jazz Quartet (http://www.markguiliana.com/)

These are some shots from my upcoming thesis short film, "Tempo". 

Here are some color keys and drawovers by Ron Spivak (https://ronspivak.com/)

This really helped me figure out the colors and atmosphere for when Gus, the main character, is in his own world when he's drumming. The color key for the outside, opening for, was also very important to figure out in order to set the tone for the film. 

Below is the poster for the film, created by Kirin Pino (http://kirinpino.squarespace.com/)